It all began innocently enough in 2014.

While struggling to keep up with production at our original taproom brewery in the North Loop we embarked on a massive expansion-commissioning a new brewery in NE. Since we clearly weren't busy at all, we met with some friends from and of the cycling world in a "what if" sort of way. Before we knew what we'd done, we were organizing one of the biggest rides in MN.

Join us Saturday May 12th for the 5th annual Fulton Gran Fondo for bikes, bands, and beers. The ride departs in the morning from the Fulton Production Brewery in NE Minneapolis. This year, we're again offering the 100 mile "Gran" as well as a shorter (45-50 mile) "Medio" Fondo. The block party is free to attend and open to all who come. Party details including beers available, food options, partners, activities,  and band announcements are coming soon. 







Maybe you're new here. Maybe you're just getting your season off to a solid but moderate start. Maybe sitting still for 100 miles isn't in the cards. Whatever your reason is, we've designed the MEDIO route just for you. With an aid station half(ish) way through, you'll be back in NE MPLS before you know it and in great shape to join the party festivities.


What's better than riding 40 miles with nearly 2,000 friends? Well, riding 100 miles with nearly 2,000 friends, duh. The Fondo completes a 104 mile loop encompassing urban riding, trails, suburban county roads and makes stops at 3 aid stations along the way. When you arrive back in NE MPLS at our production brewery you'll be received by thousands of party goers and as much Fulton beer as you'll need to recoup. 


We've got it. You need (want) it.






Join us for a pre-ride feast at packet pickup on Friday night. Chef Scott Pampuch and The Fulton Taproom Kitchen crew will be cooking up goodies fit for someone about to ride 100 miles on a bike. We're going whole-hog (again) with some help from our friends at Tangletown Gardens.

***AND grab your ticket to the Friday Feast and get entered to win an All-City Cosmic Stallion bike

  • This event is open to Gran Fondo riders and the public
  • Event is from 4-8pm
  • Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.
  • Ticket cost includes one food serving and one Fulton Beer.
  • Automatically entered into drawing for a free All-City Cycles Cosmic Stallion.




From early on, Scott found his connection to others through food. First in his large, Midwestern hunter/grower family and later in the restaurant industry. After founding one of the pioneering locavore, farm-to-table focused restaurants in Minnesota, he set his sights on bigger ambitions and even bigger audiences as he went on to work in kitchens, stadiums, hotels and beyond. This whole time Scott has parlayed his love for honest, good food into collaborative and exciting conversations.






Not up for riding 100 miles? Not to worry, there's enough beer & fun for everyone, rider or not. 

  • 1 - 9 PM on Saturday, May 12th.
  • Located outside the Fulton NE Production Brewery, which is located just north of Lowry Avenue on NE 2nd St, near the old Little Jack's, at 2540 NE 2nd St, Minneapolis MN 55418. 
  • Fulton beers, including the release of a brand new secret summer beer.
  • Cash only for beer transactions. 
  • Live music by an incredible list of talented bands. Who are they? We're glad you asked:
    • The Lonesome Losers
    • Kind Country
    • Revenge Wedding
    • Dr. Mambo's Combo
    • Dwynell Roland
    • The Bad Man
  • Food provided by Fulton Taproom Kitchen, Red Table Meats, Lowry Hill Meats & Union Kitchen, MN Nice cream and Gastrotruck.
  • Family friendly - under 21 welcome.
  • Bike & bag valet ($3) service available.
  • Free admission.
  • $1 Wristband to drink.
  • The party is on, rain or shine.
  • No dogs please, this is an asphalt event.
  • Free event parking is available as marked on nearby streets.


2018's Music Lineup is...

It's not easy lining up as many incredible artists as we do. But, we did. This year's lineup is full of fun.









We're a pretty fun bunch of folks to work with and we seek out the same in partners of ours. The Fulton Gran Fondo brings together some of our most important partners that we work with each year. More information on who and what they're up to in the weeks ahead.




You've got questions and we've got answers for you (at least we think we do). We'll be posting additional information here as we get closer to ride day. Make sure to check back.


Registered riders can check in and pick up ride packets at the following locations and times:

  • Keep tabs on your email and here for updates on packet pickup

Please bring a photo ID to confirm your registration (person must be present to pickup packet). 



The Gran Fondo route will feature 3 rest step stops.

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD

The Medio will feature one stop, also TBD.


The 2017 Gran and Medio routes are being updated and will be uploaded here soon.


Be sure to follow the cue cards exactly at the end. The block party starts at 1:00, so there will be party-goers entering from the Lowry end of the block on 2nd as we return. Just follow the cue cards and all will be well.

After you finish:

  • You can check your bike at the bike valet for $3.
  • There is a hosedown station in the grass at the Northeast corner of the brewery grounds.
  • There will be changing stations near the bike valet. 

The block party is going to be a blast, so keep some energy in reserve to hang out, drink beer, and enjoy the music until 9:00. It’s an all-ages event, so bring the family. Due to the layout of the event, we ask that you don’t bring dogs.

The Twitter/Instagram hashtag we’re using is #FultonGranFondo.


  • Ride pre-registration cutoff is Friday, 5/11, at midnight. 
  • 100% pavement.
  • Route is designed to minimize high traffic roads and trails, but since the route is on roads and trails open to the public, riders are expected to observe traffic laws and respect other trail users, motorists, and pedestrians.
  • The ride will be mostly unsupported, so come prepared. There will be aid stations along the route to provide limited food and hydration.
  • Riders will be given cue sheets with route information prior to departure.
  • Ride will be timed on a single clock. It's not a race, but fast finishers will earn bragging rights...and get to the beer sooner. 
  • Ride registration fee also gets you one beer at the block party and commemorative goodies. 
  • The ride is happening, rain or shine; no refunds
  • Bike & bag valet service, hose-off station and plenty of hydration and refreshments are available at the finish, so you can recharge and stay to enjoy the bands & beers. 

    Some tips for the day of the ride, courtesy of the All-City X Fulton Cyclocross team:

    May 12th is going to be amazing! You get to ride your bike all day with some old friends and make some new ones along the way.  After the ride we will enjoy a beverage, share some stories and have a good time. Not much could be better than that but we’ll share a few secrets for you to keep in mind that will help make this experience a good one for everyone.

    Ride your bike, simple enough. Unfortunately that can become much more challenging as we get into the later miles of this journey. Just keep riding and you will do just fine. Eat early and eat often. If this is your first hundred mile ride thank you for coming along with us. You’ll do just fine as long as you keep the pedals turning. Riding at your own pace is also a very good idea.   

    Be nice to everyone, including people in cars. Try not to ride more than two abreast so traffic is free to go around us. We will be on roads with wide shoulders and some with narrow shoulders. Try to stay as far right as possible. Make sure to move over for autos and make sure you follow all traffic signs.

    Overlapping wheels is a good way to have a bad time. Instead, ride in front, behind or directly next to your new buddy. Call or point stuff out if it is big enough to take down your new friend. Pot holes, uneven pavement, roadside rubbish are all things you will want to point out to your fellow riders. When turns are coming up it is always a good idea to let the folks around you know which way you plan to turn.

    Littering is for chumps. You brought it out there you can carry it to the next stop. Food and water will be at the designated rest stops and so will garbage cans. Please use them. Also, if you choose not to use one of these stops to relieve yourself, please do not expose yourself in public.

    There will be some folks out on the course throughout the day wearing All City X Fulton Racing kits. Don’t be afraid to ask any one of these fine folks for help. They will do what they can but there is no sag wagon for this ride. You are responsible for yourself. If for some reason you cannot finish you are responsible for getting yourself back once we start. Cell phones might not have great reception so have a backup plan. We will also be printing cue cards to hand out on the morning of the ride and during reg packet pickup.

    It is going to be amazing! See you soon.       

    -Matt Leizinger & All City X Fulton Racing